Left Something Behind?

We are here to help! We would love to help you find your lost items. Sometimes our customers have so much fun they forget some of the stuff they came here with. We want to help you find your coats, ID's, credit/debit cards, shoes... IT's TRUE!

Here's what to do:

  1. Come back during regular business hours.

  2. That's it! You must be present to get us to look for your things so stop by and we will be happy to help.


You may find a contact form and business hours here if you like. We do not have a phone so this is the best method of contact. Try all the doors we're usually upstairs. We are not going to be here outside of the hours below. Thanks!

Business Hours

Sunday - Closed but available for reservations. 

Monday - Closed but available for reservations. 

Tuesday & Wednesday 10am - 2pm and available for reservations. 

Thursday - Saturday 9pm - 1am


If you still have some questions about lost and found drop us a line below.

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